Автор Тема: Oz: The Great and Powerful («Оз: великий и ужасный»); март, 2013  (Прочитано 12798 раз)

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Суперская сказка :D Получили удовольствие! Всем людям с детьми - обязательно на просмотр.
Настя, благодарю за хороший вечер  :99:

Присоединюсь к благодарностям! :)
Спасибо огромное за такое шикарное удовольствие!

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Присоединюсь к благодарностям! :)
Спасибо огромное за такое шикарное удовольствие!

Рада, что понравилось. Приходите еще!  :)
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Oz the Great and Powerful
Reasons to watch:
- Director Sam Raimi: Looking back to the recent “Life of Pi” Ang Lee and years ago M Night Shyamalan’s “Ankh”. I was sure that Sam Raimi will not survive as a director behind the visual effect and CG works. Sure we lost somewhere between a good directing, but we got a great visual effects instead. I find “Life of Pi” boring and not even a commercially... successful, bit “OZ” offering us, as blockbuster more delights for eyes. I would say that Sam Raimi “Dragged us to the Hell” couple years ago, and this time probably he dragged us to the paradise of Oz – Amazing and Wonderful...
- James Franco: honestly I find him not hot, but he is a good actor and sure he must get something more interesting then hundred monkeys around. I think he is done with monkeys in his portfolio.
- Rachel Weits, who started doing a lot recently, is the one and only a good played character. Sure after monkey Finley and China Girl – these two are better than any high paid actors. And I never knew that Mila Kunis could be so fake, though she was great in “Black Swan”, or it is just a made-out episode with Natalie Portman made her a good actress?! Hmm!
- So take your kids, boyfriends, girlfriends or your loneliness and go to the movie – it is a real joy for your eyes, a good rest for your brains and better mood for the weekend. Yallah!


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